Avenger of IlmaReth


Name: Alareth

Sex: Male

Race: Eladrin

Class: Mix of Barbarian, Cleric and Rogue. Possible prestige class: Shadowbane Stalker. (Avenger 3.5 )

Title: Avenger of Ilmareth.

Alignment: Chaotic good/neutral? – it’s complicated; see below.


As an Avenger of IlmaReth, Alareth tries to show compassion and good sense in his daily life. He frequently tries to act as a voice of reason, will give food or coins to beggars, and tries to lift the spirits with jokes in pressing times. He will work for the betterment of the less fortunate, and actively and violently oppose their exploitation.

Occasionally he will attempt to create alliances between good like-minded individuals and groups to the betterment of all. Likewise, he will attempt to create rivalries and dissent among groups of those he considers evil, in order to weaken them from within.


To allies:
“Together we will face this evil, and together surely defeat it!”
“Stand fast, IlmaReth gives us strength!”

To enemies
“IlmaReth demands your death and we will deliver it!”
“Devils and heretics shall fall before us!”
“We have come to deliver the sacred vengeance on IlmaReth upon you!”
“By their cries, by her command, by our sword: – Your time has come!”

To those who pray for vengeance
“Be careful for what you wish for child, the Twin-Souled one listens to all cries of woe, and we act out her commands.”

He will occasionally call upon aid from his fellow followers of IlmaReth, or from <good> to solve problems that are outside his expertise.

He refers to himself in the plural, using “we” instead of “I” and “us” instead of “me” – this is a consequence of his “Sectioning” where he has learned to separate his benevolent and vicious traits.


He has a vertical scar running down the entire middle of his body on both sides, as a symbol of the twin-souled god. Leaving him “split down the middle”. The scar is impossibly thin and straight, and those that attempt to analyze it will find that no weapon could ever have made it.
Weirdly enough, he is slightly paler on his right side than on the left side of the scar.
He has no hair, but his eyebrows and short chin-beard are dark in color.
He is clothed in fine leather armor patterned with prayers of protection, bindings and blessings, and wears a dark blue/purple hood over his head.

Combat Tactics

Avengers of IlmaReth prefer stealth and trickery when approaching a combat situation, attempting to disorient and separate his enemies before unleashing the fury of Reth at a singular foe at the time. He swears an Oath of Enmity against his chosen target, binding Reth’s fury to this enemy. Once this is done the essence of Reth is unleashed and the Avenger becomes a living embodiment of fury, hatred and malice.

His appearance changes: his eyes start glowing red, glowing red patterns appear on his skin, shining through his tattoos, his teeth appear jagged and defiled, a malicious grin spreads across his face and the shadows beneath his hood deepen. His behavior changes most of all: he howls obscenities and curses his enemy, laughs at their pain, mocks their skills and mutilates their bodies. In this state he cannot be reasoned with by his chosen enemy, and his allies will have to carefully persuade him in order to make him stop… Once his chosen enemy is slain, he calms down and returns to his usual state, allowing a return to the uses of stealth and trickery before a new Oath of Enmity is sworn. If his chosen enemy should somehow escape, he will need to subdue his darker aspect through sheer willpower. Even if he returns to his normal self, he is tormented by the thought of someone escaping his judgment, and will devote considerable energy in an attempt to locate the enemy and finish him off.

After the battle is over, it is not unusual for him to bless the corpses of the slain, wishing the souls a pleasant journey to the afterlife where they will receive their just reward/punishment.



Originally of noble blood, Alareth’s family was driven out of the Feywild by rivals after a particularly vicious court intrigue turned bloody. His childhood name was Andariel Olthirrim. Being but a child at 8 years old and having lost his younger siblings and mother in the struggle, all that remained of the family was his father Oldoriel and older sister Aima.
Oldoriel, a skilled swordsman, made his way as a mercenary and assassin, travelling the world with his children in tow. They lived in squalid conditions, and often starved, their father often drinking away his ill-gotten gains in unsavory taverns. Oldoriel sometimes left them alone for weeks while pursuing a troublesome contract, leading the siblings to fend for themselves, and making a living begging and doing odd jobs.
On one such absence Aima was assaulted and raped by a group of human noblemen, while 9-year old Alareth was made to watch. The corrupt city officials paid little heed to the complaints of a pair of vagrants, and the noblemen went unpunished. Worse still for the siblings, was their father’s reaction when he returned: he simply accepted a handful of silver from the noblemen rather than claim restitution of the family’s honor by a duel.
This was the last straw for the siblings, and they disowned their father, and left to seek their own way in the world, having finally lost all faith in him.

After wandering for some time, the siblings were welcomed to a monastery dedicated to a good god (?) and Aima joined the order, studying to be a cleric. Alareth was given work in the gardens and refuge for the poor that the monastery operated.
Even though they joined a stable environment with caring monks and nuns, Alareth was a troubled child, in part to having witnessed the murder of his younger sister Niavara and mother Ashtara as a boy as well as the attack on Aima, he was haunted by feelings of guilt over his inability to protect his family in the face of danger. As a result he began lashing out violently at bullies who tormented other children. After beating a human bully twice his age and size to the brink of death, he was given over to the lead priest of the monastery, Father Mikal for disciplining.

Father Mikal was a secret member of the Order of Vengeance, the secret order that trains Avengers in IlmaReth’s service. After recognizing that Alareth would become an ideal Avenger in the Twin-Souled One’s service, Mikal put him through several physical trials and began teaching some of the basics in the meditative techniques required to separate ones “halves”, all in the guise of punishing Alareth for his violent outbursts.
After showing great promise, Mikal revealed to Alareth his true calling and his plans for the young eladrin. Alareth welcomed the ideas that he was taught, and gladly accepted servitude to IlaReth as his path in life.
For three grueling years the Mikal trained Alareth in secret, while maintaining the ruse that Alareth was studying to become a priest/monk(?). This secret was even kept from Alareth’s sister, Aima. Although keeping his sister in the dark tormented him, Alareth held out, as he had finally found an outlet for his anger, and for the first time since his exile, saw a clear path in his life.

At the end of the third year of training, Alareth had reached the limits of what his master Mikal could teach him. Mikal sent him to the “Halls of Righteous Fury” the secret, underground monastery where Justicars of IlmaReth are trained. To all the others, he was to undertake a pilgrimage to several other temples, but would end up missing on the road.

After a long decade of spiritual and martial training he finally underwent the initiation ritual, where he gazed upon the ever-shifting face of IlmaReth herself and gained the touch of godhood that would fuel his powers. In the aftermath he went through the extensive process of tattoos and scarification in order to bless his flesh with the prayers and liturgies of the Twin-souled one, and after fulfilling his final training he was sent out into the world, to fight evil where he found it, and manifest the rage of Reth against those who would oppose the Twin-souled One.

As a part of his ordination he was given the name of Alareth, dispelling his childhood name of Andariel Olthirrim to a name traditional for an Avenger.

Immediate background

Upon his discharge from the halls of vengeance, he was given orders to report to his old master Mikal in the monastery where he spent much of his youth, as he had reported troubling news, and requested his old apprentice’s presence.
Although worried by the urgency of his old friend’s words, Almareth hurried back in good spirits. He felt fulfilled and purposeful, and at a peace he had not know since he was a babe. Since he now was an ordained Avenger of IlmaReth, he now had lease to tell his sister the truth and show her that he no longer was a troubled child, but a man with a purpose and power.

When he arrived at the monastery however, he found it to be razed to the ground, and all the inhabitants, clergy and poor alike, had been executed and publicly displayed as a warning to others.
A large plaque declared this to be “The cleansing of maddened heretics who would overthrow the rule of his most august lord Elwin” several references were made to pacts with demons and other evil powers, that led to the “forced cleansing” of the monastery. He found the corpses of his old master and many of his childhood friends, but no sign of his sister.

He felt the essence of Reth well up in him, clamoring for vengeance and mayhem, and rather than shedding a single tear, he ran to the nearby town, and snuck into the lord’s keep. Once inside, he was discovered by vigilant guards, and he let Reth out. He cut his way in to the lord’s private quarters and cornered him. Drenched in the blood and gore of the countless guards who had tried to stop him, he calmed suddenly. Reth was momentarily sated, and Ilma was in control once more.
He offered the lord a bargain: tell him where Aima was, and his death would be quick and clean, his family spared; Refuse and he would ensure the corpse would be unrecognizable, and none would remain to carry on his bloodline.

The nobleman tried to stall for time, he bargained with gold and jewels, and refused to reveal the location of Aima. Alareth, howling, slew the man in a bloody hail of blows, took his head in his belt and went to hunt down his family.
He found them huddled in the next room, a mother and her two children, but he would offer them no mercy; Reth demanded his blood and Ilma demanded retribution for her servants. As he lifted his swords to end their lives, a glint of recognition awoke in his mind: the children’s mother was his sister!
He forced the Twin-Souled one from his mind in his greatest act of control, and lowered his blood-soaked swords.
“Sister…?” he uttered haltingly, and amidst her horror and fear she recognized him…
“Brother…? is that you?”.
Tremblingly, she explained: she was not a prisoner; she was the nobleman’s wife, the children, their children.
Aima had left the monastery to serve in the local town soon after her brother’s pilgrimage. She had met and had fallen in love with Lord Elwin, married him and borne two children.

The purge of the monastery had been carried out because demons indeed had been uncovered there; a cult dedicated to Orcus had infiltrated its ranks, corrupted the vulnerable followers of IlmaReth and used powerful magic to shield themselves from detection.
It was she who had detected the corruption in the monastery when visiting the place that had helped her stabilize her life. It was SHE who had led the local city guard in their purge and purification along with paladins of (?).
All this time she had been ignorant the existence of IlmaReth followers in the monastery and of her brother’s true fate.

He saw the truth in her words, and felt the rage and anger fall away. Hers welled up however, as he had killed her husband and many of his servants, all innocents. She screamed at him to leave, and never return.
Silently, he left and went far into the mountains where he sought penance through prayer and the hunting of goblins.


He returns after a month of penance in the mountains and meets the rest of the characters.
Perhaps he has worked together with a ranger in the party in hunting goblins and other monsters?


The Tale of Agôn Mhiyr Raggnor